Late Works

Miguel Serrano

Compiled in these volumes are the major articles, essays, and shorter books written by Serrano in the years from 1992 to 2005. The works are a revelation of his brilliant insight on the hidden truths of the world, from the Americas to Europe and the remote past to the coming future.

Volume I contains The New Transnational Order and Patagonia, We Will Not Celebrate the Death of the White Gods, Imitation of the Truth, and The Deliverance of Patagonia by Magic. These works are focused on the metapolitical issues facing contemporary Western civilization, including the dangers of globalism, technocracy, and secret societies.

Volume II contains Maya: Reality is an Illusion and The Son of the Widower. In the former, it is affirmed that the Germans had perfected the science of duplication, and that the Rudolf Hess murdered in Spandau prison was a double. In the latter, Serrano presents a synthesis of all his work through a detailed and profound analysis of esoteric Christianity, the esotericism of Islam and that of the Hitlerite SS.

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