Mission Statement

Tradition Publishing Company is a reprinting service for rare and censored books in the genres of traditionalist, philosophical and reactionary literature. In addition to public domain and orphan works, our catalogue includes original publications of rare material from both well-known and obscure authors. We employ third-party services (Lulu and The Book Patch) to publish these books using print-on-demand technology, which provides an assurance of our legitimacy and reduces the overall cost to you, the reader. Our company is dedicated to the the publication of traditionalist literature and other suppressed material solely for the purposes of education and promoting free speech, which confers legal status to our books under the Fair Use doctrine established by the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976. As part of our commitment, we provide free digital copies of all books that we publish on this website.

Thank you for visiting Tradition. Please contact us with any inquiries at tradition(at)tuta.io.